Thursday, November 23, 2006

From Joel Leonard- the namesake of The World Famous JoelBurger

From Joel via plane- I am out of the country from Nov. 23-Dec. 6 and do not have access to cell phone, land phone, satellite phone, fax, pager, snail mail, smoke signals, mirrors, courier pigeon or email. However, Big Brother in Washington, DC does know where I am. New passports have microchips so I cannot hide for long!

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and we'll catch up next week.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tired of Turkey for Thanksgiving? Try another American Original - The World Famous JoelBurger

Tired of eating turkey for Thanksgiving? Perhaps you may want to try eating a JoelBurger instead.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hoarding a JoelBurger

David Hoard,former instructor at NCA&T, recently devoured a JoelBurger.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Leaping past the competition!

The increasing popularity of The World Famous JoelBurger is helping Fincastles quickly leap past the competition.

What even more pimento cheese? WOW!!

Insiders view of The World Famous JoelBurger

What makes the JoelBurger so good?

Another Day Another Happy JoelBurger Customer!

Jerry Hammock wolfed down half of his JoelBurger in about 2 minutes. He was so delighted at his new discovery of lunchtime fare that he glady showed off his remaining burger that he eagerly consumed after this picture.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remembering our Veterans

In addition to models discovering the JoelBurger, it is better honor to know that members of the the local VFW post 2087 are big fans of the JoelBurger. At their most successful blood drive back on September 11th, they celebrated with the crew from Fort Bragg by ordering a half dozen JoelBurgers to share with the tired and hungry nurses. Many said it was the best burger they have ever tasted and they can't wait to come back to Greensboro. However many have been called back to serve in Iraq.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to servicemen of past and current conflicts and we look forward to future opportunities to witness their satisfied smiles after eating the JoelBurger and to thank them personally for all that do for us!

God Bless America!

News Flash: Models discover the benefits of eating JoelBurgers

Concerned about their small BMI- Body Mass Index levels and detrimental effects of anorexia, area models are now discovering the benefits of consuming large amounts of JoelBurgers. One exclaimed that I love JoelBurgers it has helped my confidence and self worth. While others eagerly await to see if it will help them quickly add muscle mass to their skeletal frame to avoid termination of future model contracts.

In the future we will provide pictures proving this fantastic breakthrough in the Model industry.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hugging the Angus

Evening Fincastle chef, Hugh Bryant, busily prepares the Angus for future JoelBurger production. FYI- Fincastles purchased the steak trimmings from cuts used at the top area chophouses. That is one of the key reasons why The World Famous JoelBurger is so good! Only the best ingredients and plus the loving care and attention to detail by the Fincastles pros.

"Carpe JoelBurger!"

Dr James Joel Leonard recently dispensed sage advice to his son Joel to "Carpe JoelBurger!"

Translated Seize the Joelburger! In other words enjoy life while you can! Because when you get older, food does not taste as good and your body breaks down and even the memories fade. But if you savor life and all of the pleasures like JoelBurgers, you will live to be very content!

Thanks Doc for all of the years of service to our community! We love you!!!

Maybe a fuzzy image but still a MasterPiece

An impressionistic picture of the JoelBurger or a shaky photographer? We will never tell. Regardless The World Famous JoelBurger was still spectacular!

The JoelBurger Dream Team

Fincastle Pros- Server better known as Fincastle DIVA, Clarice Johnson and top culinary expert Anthony Steeple pose with the ornately decorated plate of The World Famous JoelBurger. As Anthonysays "presentation is important!"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh, what a site to behold- Two more JoelBurgers on the way

Glowing Comments from customers about The World Famous JoelBurger

We can't wait to come back and get more JoelBurgers!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A special request: Can you ship The World Famous JoelBurger to Minneapolis?

Had to share this unique request: Jerry Hagen of Minneapolis just sent us an email request for The World Famous JoelBurger to be shipped to Minneapolis.

Jerry Hagen is a noted food expert and certified BBQ judge. He said that the picture looked so good that he wants to see for himself.

  • Our message to Jerry is that we are checking with area logistic companies about packing and shipping procedures for the 1183 mile journey for The World Famous JoelBurger and will get back to you asap.
Stay tuned as we chronicle this endeavor.

Who knows in the future, The World Famous JoelBurger may help address the US trade deficit if we start shipping them overseas.