Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hunger Pains Tapped at the Whitehouse.

Big Brother must have learned of the great taste of the Joelburger while wiretapping US citizens' phones. Now they want a bite. Joel said sorry you too must go to Fincastles in order to enjoy the scrumptious taste of the World Famous Joelburger.

The JoelBurger GAL!

Greta Anita Lint is a big fan of the JoelBurger! However, she insists on eating with a knife and fork. As you can see she gets the shakes if she doesn't get a regular dose of the World Famous Joelburger.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

During the July 4th Festivities in Greensboro

Make sure you get down and chomp down on some freshly made Joelburgers!
God Bless America and the wonderful chefs at Fincastles!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Capitol Idea-- no need for term limits just Joelburgers

Amanda and Joel, the namesake of the Joelburger, discovered that our nation's congress does not have access to the World Famous Joelburgers. Joel said if each member ate at least 5 JoelBurgers daily that they would be too congested to fund more pork barrel projects and we wouldn't have to worry about term limits because congress would expire in session.

Perhaps by increasing Congress' waists, we would finally reduce government waste! Fat chance!, huh?

While searching for a better burger

Recently, Joel and his daughter Amanda visited our nation's capital. And still could not find a better burger than the World Famous JoelBurger.

But they did discover the 4 chairs from Elm Street Woolworth Greensboro store that started the sit in movement. Check out for more information.

Amanda said "I can't believe that something from Greensboro was in the Smithsonian." And thank God anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, who wants a Joelburger, can get one. All they have to do, is go to Fincastles.