Monday, October 22, 2007

Current and Crap TV Staff interested in the Joelburger

Recently at ConvergeSouth, a couple of movers and shakers at Current TV and the founder of CrapTV from Southern California came to Greensboro. Gotta like a guy who names his site CrapTv!

They were awestruck to hear about a Double Angus Pimento Cheesburger on Sourdough Bread named after Joel Leonard. Not exactly politically or environmentally correct cuisine.

We haven't heard yet if they were able to eat their weekly caloric intake in one sandwich or not. But who knows after word spreads, perhaps even Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore may come to town to investigate the Joelburger for himself. Our guess is he will eat it with his left hand and probably have plenty of carbon emissions after infusion. Hopefully those gases will not poison the ozone layer too much and cause more icecap meltdowns. Perhaps CrapTV may have to develop some solutions to those potential challenges.

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The World Famous Joelburger is getting even more famous because of the WE101.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Smart People love the Joelburger

Have you tried the Joelburger yet?

A very smart English teacher at Elon University loves the scrumptious taste of the Joelburger. This little lady shared her enthusiasm for the burger during the Converge South conference BBQ held at the home of the lovely Hoggard family.

Several leaders in the video industry from Southern California attending this excellent blogger conference hope to get a byte of the burger as well.

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