Monday, November 26, 2007

The Joelburger can help fix the US Dollar

Joel Leonard is on his way to Canada to spread the word on the splendors of the World Famous Joelburger. With the recent collapse of the US currency exchange rate, this makes it easier for "demdam fureners" to come to the US and buy more Joelburgers. If enough visit and spend their Euros, Pounds, Yen and Canadian dollars, the US currency may rebound. So help inflate the dollar and clog foreign arteries by spreading the word worldwide about the splendors of consuming the Joelburger, an American treasure.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rosie, the Riveter, can't wait to try the World Famous Joelburger

The legendary Rosie, the Riveter, flexed her muscles to get ready to try the Joelburger. At this recent Asheboro, NC USO dance to commemorate Veterans Day, several of the attendees were intrigued to learn more about the alluring taste of the Joelburger with some FREEDOM fries. We thank all of the vets for all of their sacrifices so that we have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to enjoy the gluttoneous pleasures and not have to endure tyranny.

No competition from Collard Green Sandwich

We are always in constant search for a better sandwich. Above is a picture of a Collard Green Sandwich, which the locals of Maxton, NC, rave about. However the World Famous Joelburger is still the best sandwich. Sorry Maxton, as good as collard greens may be, they just can't compete with fresh grilled Angus patties with pimento cheese and Sourdough Bread.

However the soup prepared from the local Campbell's plant will go great along with a Joelburger.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fincastles Diner-- The best in the Triad!

Europeans Love the Joelburger

Recently, Joel met a German and a Czech visitor to Greensboro at a European beer tasting. Later they tried the World Famous JoelBurger and loved it!

Joel hopes to make a return trip to Europe in 2008 to speak at the EuroMaint conference and perhaps win over more converts to the splendors of the Joelburger.

Ometa got to eat a Joelburger

Friendly neighbor, and highly capable maintenance woman, Ometa Kenan, loved to eat a Joelburger. With the time change, the sun set early. Joel was in a jam. He was trying to assemble his new smoker/grill that his darling Greta gave him for his birthday.

Ometa came to the rescue and helped Joel screw (ok keep a clean mind) the cooker together for the Joelburger cookout. She said later after finally getting a chance to eat the World Famous Joelburger, "This is a great burger! No wonder people love it!"

Future fans of the Joelburger?

Maybe so, maybe not. Each year for the last three years Joel has donated the morning of his birthday to speak to area kids about career options. As opposed to saying "cheese" each kid said "getta job!"

Hopefully many of the these kids may fill the shoes of retiring workers, so that our economy may still grow - and that more people will have enough discretionary income to buy lots of Joelburgers.

More Pictures from Joelburger Cookout

44 revolutions around the sun for Joel

Pity that no one had a camera yesterday at Fincastles. Reportedly over 100 people arrived to dine on the $4.44 special Joelburgers. The famous Fincastle singing waiter,Jaybird, sang a unique solo Happy Birthday to Joel Leonard and then led a chorus of the entire restaurant to sing Happy Birthday to Joel. Several people commented Joel's face blushed to the same color of a ketchup bottle. Although embarrassed, Joel said he was delighted so many people took time out of their busy day to celebrate his 44 revolutions around the sun.

Above is a picture taken at Joel's weekend cookout. Many newcomers are now raving fans of the unique flavor of Joelburgers.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Don't forget Monday November 5th Fincastles for Lunch

Over the last couple years Joel Leonard has become quite grateful to all of the media support provided to help him produce the MPACT JobFairs. Above is Skip, Jeff and Carmen of 98.7 Simon with Joel Leonard from a picture taken in July. It is estimated that close to over 1000 workers have gotten jobs due to Joel's help.

So feel free to join us on Monday at Fincastles to honor Joel's service to the Triad economy by having a JoelBurger special for only $4.44. Hope that you join us. Rumor has it that Joel will drop in around 1:30.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

For Joelburger Special

Monday November 5th, Joel Leonard, namesake of the World Famous JoelBurger turns 44 years old.

Jody Morphis, owner of Fincastles, said "In honor of Joel's 44, anyone who orders a JoelBurger on Monday November 5th, can get it for only $4.44, normally $6.00."

Fincastles is busy making extra pimento cheese for this special event.