Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mr Jaybird on my Shoulder

At the Greensboro Festival of lights Joel Leonard and Joelburger teamed up for a duet-- don't worry Jaybird did all of the singing while Joel just moved his lips(so it sounded great).

Bridging the Gap-- from reality to paradise

Been a busy week, 2 days in Toronto, 2 days in Raleigh, NC, an evening at Greensboro's Festival of lights (more pics and info later on these travels) but now Joel will be capping off a busy week by visiting Charleston,SC. Oh, the rigors for those on the quest for enjoying the best tastes that life can offer. Charleston will sure to provide many splendid, savory morsels for Joel, Greta, Hurleen, Roy and the infamous Miss Demeanor. We will update as upon their return from paradise.