Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ancestral Pride- Visiting the Homeland

Below is a reprint of a previous blog- that was originally published April 3rd before Joel's departure. To remove the viagral spammers who commented while away, decided to delete and repost. Joel is now back and is busy recuperating from Jetlag before developing pictures. However he did report that the 9 day excursion to Europe exceeded his wildest expectations in business and in the epicurean treasures he uncovered. He also fulfilled his mission for his father. A future post will be created to explain further.

However he was delighted to return and sink his teeth into the simple ecstacy of the World Famous JoelBurger. And since the dollar has sunk more against the Euro, it appears that more Europeans will be taking vacations to try to the burger for themselves.


Joel Leonard departs Greensboro onto another flavor expedition into his homeland of Germany and then to speak in Brussels at Euromaintenance Conference. 10 generations ago, Valentine Leonhardt in 1746 went down the Rhein River and boarded the vessel Neptune in Rotterdam and then sailed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later he settled in Davidson County, NC and later fought in the battle of Guilford Courthouse. Afterward Valentine was later ambushed in home by revenge seeking tories who assasinated him.

That story Dr Joel Leonard used to tell his son Joel over dinner with pride and he showed off his fluent German. Last year Dr Joel succumbed to his battle with cancer. On this trip back to the area of his origin Joel will sprinkle his Dad's ashes into the Rhein River as a special tribute to his father and his ancestors.

We do not have long on this earth and that why Joel strives daily to live and enjoy life to its fullest!

And as Dr Leonard said "CARPE JOELBURGER!"