Friday, December 08, 2006

Where can you currently get a Joelburger?

Only one place in world currently offers the World Famous JoelBurger.

New website is located at

Fincastles Diner in Downtown Greensboro, NC
It's the place for hamburgers, french fries and shakes, just like they made 'em in the good old days.

For good food and good times, there's nothing like Fincastles Diner. Located in the heart of revitalized Downtown Greensboro, Fincastles serves up hamburgers, hot dogs, milk shakes and more.

But it's not just about good food. It's also about having a good time. Whether it's listening to the well-stocked jukebox or catching Robert "Jaybird" Williams, the singing waiter, Fincastles Diner is the place to go for food, fun and friendly people.

So come on in. You'll be glad you did, especially after you try the JoelBurger.

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