Thursday, December 28, 2006

In 2007 Make the Impossible Possible

To Everyone: We hope that that you have a wonderful, safe and prosperous New Year!
To Flying Pigs: Don't worry the Joelburger is made from the best cuts of Angus. However you may not want to land near Lexington.

Get in Shape and add the JoelBurger to your New Year's Resolution

Want to become healthier in 2007. Well the Joelburger is a proven method of attaining your weekly caloric intake in one meal. It is also proven that the JoelBurger tastes a million times better than cardboard.

So go ahead and run down to Fincastles and enjoy The World Famous JoelBurger!

Another Historic Discovery

Another historic discovery: The JoelBurger is a loved by the biggest meat eaters in history.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Beer Temple? Wow, what a great religion in Belgium!

In Belgium, they produce over 450 varieties of beer and many are brewed at local monasteries.
The Trappist Beer is becoming known as the world's best and is quite smooth.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Proof he exists: Infrared Image of Santa caught on tape

Above is an infrared image of Santa Claus. Also discovered that he loves to eat Joelburgers!

Want some more big fries?

In Belgium they are proud of their Fries and should be!

Now those hands could easily hold a JoelBurger

Wondering around Paris, Joel discovered that the historic district in Paris is also the graveyard. Was very similar to cemetaries in New Orleans. Tombs were from 5 different centuries

Check out the size of this muffin?

While in France, Joel put his card beside this muffin so you can see the size of this head size bread item. It could probably hold over 100 blueberries.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Can you handle a JoelBurger?

More pictures from Joel Leonard's European adventure are being developed. Leonard recalled that when he saw pigeon on the menu, he realized how good we have it in the US. But on the other hand they don't have alot of damage caused by excess pigeons.

Any way he said the Joelburger tasted real good when he recently returned back to Fincastles.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Where in the world is Greensboro, NC?

First where is NC? While in Europe, Joel Leonard discovered that many have not been blessed to know where NC is much less have the fortune of getting to Greensboro to try the JoelBurger. Above is a highlighed map of NC.

To get to Greensboro, NC click here-

If you want more information on visiting Greensboro, NC go to

Where can you currently get a Joelburger?

Only one place in world currently offers the World Famous JoelBurger.

New website is located at

Fincastles Diner in Downtown Greensboro, NC
It's the place for hamburgers, french fries and shakes, just like they made 'em in the good old days.

For good food and good times, there's nothing like Fincastles Diner. Located in the heart of revitalized Downtown Greensboro, Fincastles serves up hamburgers, hot dogs, milk shakes and more.

But it's not just about good food. It's also about having a good time. Whether it's listening to the well-stocked jukebox or catching Robert "Jaybird" Williams, the singing waiter, Fincastles Diner is the place to go for food, fun and friendly people.

So come on in. You'll be glad you did, especially after you try the JoelBurger.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

News Flash: Belgium Restaurant wants to offer JoelBurgers

Above is JoelBurger namesake Joel Leonard autographing the wall of the Belgium Restaurant while recently in Antwerp. Joel said he would love for more to experience the pleasure of a JoelBurger but not sure if Fincastles management would release the recipe of the Pimento cheese and other secret ingredients. Also Sourdough Bread is not readily available in Belgium. Joel suggested that they use Belgium Waffles as the bread instead. As more develops, we plan to keep you posted.

More Europeans are anxious to try the WorldFamous JoelBurger

Tourism expert, Greta Anita Lint from Asheboro, NC received help from two new friendswho gave her advice on the best way to find to get to the Eiffel tower. When these able volunteers learned about the health benefits and taste of the Joelburger they were anxious to come to Greensboro, NC. "With the recent deevaluation of the US dollar, travel to the US is becoming more and more affordable," said Lint.

According to our The Joelburger stat file this blog is being from people throughout the world. Hopefully more will come to Greensboro and satisfy their hunger for gluttony.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wow! Want some big fries?

Searching the world for the best practices and processes in cuisine, Joel Leonard uncovered this unique restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

In Belgium they take fries very seriously and have interesting ideas about cuisine. Check future posts for more pictures to see Joel's recent search for the perfect burger.