Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crisis Avoided-- Joelburger is not Homeless

Whew! With the stockmarkets going down, the foreclosures rates going up, gas prices still outrageous, unemployment going up-- it is always comforting to know that where you can get your comfort food and the Joelburger ranks very high on many people's stress reliever lists.

Well, we had a little scare recently upon seeing the front page of the local Greensboro News & Record. Lots of Joelburger fans were nervous that they would not be able to go to Elm Street and get future Joelburgers at Fincastles as negotiations on lease arrangments appeared to be on life support.

We learned that on Friday that Fincastles has signed an amenable lease to all parties. Whoopee! Let's all celebrate by going to Fincastles and getting a homemade milkshake, Joelburger and fries.

Good thing Congress didn't have to get involved or the Joelburger may be involved in a downward spiral. Oops now my stress levels have gotten back up-- better go get a Joelburger and quit thinking about Congress.

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