Friday, October 17, 2008

Converging in Greensboro

Several hundred geeks are back in Greensboro to learn more about the blogging and effective tools. While here they are tasting various perspectives from numerous experts on social networking, citizen journalism and business development.

This event is hosted on NC A&T and exposes the geek community to the activities and resources of these wonderful facilities.

Afterwards several are planning on visiting Elm Street and hopefully more will have a chance to receive a sampling the delicasies at Fincastles. Several are anxiously awaiting their opportunity to try the Joelburger.

This is an outstanding event for the curious to learn so hope you can join us next year and feed the hunger of knowledge to survive in the new electronic universe now called the Blogosphere.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Heads of Statesville Exit Poll

Although totally unrelated to the Joelburger, but thought that you might want to learn about another Joel creation. It appears that 4 years ago Greta Lint, his girlfriend. needed an idea to promote the Statesville Pumpkin Festival.

Well, Joel instantly responded, why not catapult pumpkins with political caricatures painted on the pumpkins down a field to predict the results of the 2004 election? Thus the Great Heads of Stateville Exit Poll was born.

Believe it or not it was 80% accurate at predicting the races. And ironically it also discovered that John Edwards had a bad habit of misfiring-- oh that is another story-- but anyway with 2008 Election weeks away on October 24th they will be launching at least 20 more pumpkins. This time Mitchell Community College Physics and Industrial Maintenance classes have built and welded the catapult and an 8th grade art class will be painting the pumpkins.

What Joel is particularly pleased is that it also helped launch the careers of several future engineers. Now that is how to make school interesting.

Barbeque Master discovers the Joelburger

Cyndi Allison aka The Barbeque Master Blogger features the Joelburger in her very popular blog about epicurean delights.

Check out

It appears that more and more Joelburger fans are being created daily.

Why don't you go to Fincastles and try one for yourself and see firsthand what all of hubbub is, bub?

Crisis Avoided-- Joelburger is not Homeless

Whew! With the stockmarkets going down, the foreclosures rates going up, gas prices still outrageous, unemployment going up-- it is always comforting to know that where you can get your comfort food and the Joelburger ranks very high on many people's stress reliever lists.

Well, we had a little scare recently upon seeing the front page of the local Greensboro News & Record. Lots of Joelburger fans were nervous that they would not be able to go to Elm Street and get future Joelburgers at Fincastles as negotiations on lease arrangments appeared to be on life support.

We learned that on Friday that Fincastles has signed an amenable lease to all parties. Whoopee! Let's all celebrate by going to Fincastles and getting a homemade milkshake, Joelburger and fries.

Good thing Congress didn't have to get involved or the Joelburger may be involved in a downward spiral. Oops now my stress levels have gotten back up-- better go get a Joelburger and quit thinking about Congress.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pimento Cheese Meltdown

Don't know about you but all of this mess on Wall Street has got us concerned on Elm Street. So as the stockmarket melts down, more have realized the importance of good ole escapism and getting a JoelBurger with melted Pimento Cheese.

Come on down to Fincastles and try the Joelburger and make your worries go away.